Approaching 30: 3 Things I’m Letting Go

Turning 30 conjures up lots of emotions, both positive and negative. For some, it’s a time to laugh (or cry) at the goals set in one’s 20’s without knowing anything about how life actually works. For others, it’s a time to reflect on the progress made and build a plan to continue on the path of personal growth and development. And you know what, there’s nothing wrong with either of those mindsets because life has tons of twists and turns.

While I am blessed to have checked off a great majority of the goals I set out to accomplish by 30, I’m still working towards a lot. I was the one in my early 20’s who thought my husband and I would be working on our third kid by now. But again, things change. I started to actually research how much it would cost to raise one child, and that quickly dwindled my uninformed desire to have five kids down to two and a possible — even that’s pushing it.

Life happens; things change. You can either sulk about missed opportunities from your 20’s, or make some edits and power forward into your next decade of life. In the spirit of making edits, there are some habits I’ve acquired over the years that I would like to strike through by the time I hit the big 3-0! Read below for my top 3:


I’m not a morning person, and this has always been the case. I am notorious for pushing the limits of how long I can stay in the bed before I’m running late. Going so far as to calculate how much in advance my alarm should start just so that I can snooze as much as possible. My parents and I would fight daily when it was time for me to get up for school. “5 more minutes” was my go to line, and it still is.

While I love my sleep, snoozing really doesn’t help. You actually feel more groggy once you finally get up because your sleep has been disturbed every few minutes to snooze. It’s exhausting and I’m over it, and I’m sure Marcus is too since he sleeps next to me and my alarm. I’m going to start waking up and being productive before work starts. I’ve tried it a couple times and I got so much done — completing a load of laundry, getting a cardio session in at the gym, or straightening up around the house. I’ve also been reading a lot of books centered around how multi-millionaires spend their 24 hours, and a common habit is waking up early to get the creativity flowing. I’m going to try this out, instead of subjecting myself to the extreme sport of racing the clock.



This one is a major problem for a lot of people. Saying yes when you really mean no. Especially for people-pleasers like me. I love to help and to make my close friends and family happy, even if that means I’ve stretched myself far too thin at certain times. But in this 29th year of life, the answer will be NO more often. And I’m not going to feel bad about it.

I’ve actually started on this already and my quality of life has drastically improved, both in my personal and professional life. During pre-marital counseling, our pastor had us separately complete a questionnaire to determine our communication style and driving force. My test revealed that I thrive when I have ample time to reset and recharge, and that Marcus’ job as my husband would be to help me preserve my energy. Clearly the perfect job for Marcus because he learned this early on as an entrepreneur; time is money and not everyone deserves it.

Now that I have implemented the word ‘no’ into my daily life, I feel so refreshed and energized. There is truly no reason why you should be in situations that don’t benefit you just because you feel bad saying no.



Life is too short to not experience all the possibilities out there. I’ve been blessed with sound mind, body, and spirit and I should take advantage of that more often. No more cooking the same few meals because I know Marcus will like them, or traveling to beaches because we know what to expect, or stifling my business ideas because I’m afraid of failure. I’m going to do more exploring, experimenting and testing in this next phase of life because who knows, maybe I’ll acquire a new skill, hobby, or interest along the way.

Do you have a list of let-gos? Share them below!




  1. Azline
    May 17, 2018 / 9:28 pm

    Yes to stop hitting the snooze! It’s such a hard habit to break but I believe in you 🙌🏽🙌🏽 This is such an important mentality to maximize your day and get the most of our your personal time before and after work!

    • Taneshia
      May 18, 2018 / 12:31 am

      Yes!!! So hard!!! You inspired me when you gave it up for 40 days!!!

  2. May 28, 2018 / 7:49 pm

    Omg, you’re so right! I’m still working on not being afraid of trying new things but I’m definitely all for starting saying no to things I don’t want to do! Life is too short, work takes up a lot of time and when I’m free I just really want to enjoy what I’m doing without feeling guilty all the time!
    I love your blog, so random I found you through Pipdig as I have the same theme too x

    • Taneshia
      May 29, 2018 / 6:34 pm

      Wow! Thank you so much! I love Pipdig and this awesome theme! I think this was destiny because I JUST started searching for Bullet Journal tutorials, then I clicked your site to subscribe and guess what I found?! 🙂 Also, you’re totally right! Life is too short to torture yourself with things you don’t want to do! I’m loving my newfound free time!

      • June 1, 2018 / 7:42 pm

        Aww yes, that sounds like destiny really! Pipdig is awesome and I will adjust the subscribtion ASAP as here in Europe we’ve just have a massive change in laws on privacy protection, so I took off subscriptions for a couple of weeks. But will be back soon!

        • Taneshia
          June 5, 2018 / 2:18 pm

          Yes, we are actually being subjected to those same EU laws to make sure everyone is protected, so I understand that!

  3. Ashley C.
    June 5, 2018 / 1:05 am

    Love the snooze!! I did it for lent a few years ago and it made a real difference!!

    • Taneshia
      June 5, 2018 / 2:22 pm

      I’m sure it did! Plus you have my little niece dog so I’m sure she doesn’t let you snooze long before needing to go outside! It’s already working for me, I’ve been working out in the morning and I’ve lost 5 lbs so far.

  4. Jenesha Holloway
    January 26, 2019 / 5:02 pm

    I’m personally a snoozer who has gotten so good at racing the clock I literally pull into work 1 minute before my scheduled time daily. thats after speeding and cussing out other drivers along the way and passing son along to his day care teacher. I’m lucky that am still employed because I really do love my work. I’ve been fired from pretty much every job I’ve gotten because of tardiness. 😩 here’s to knowing my truths and acknowledging that as a mom and near 30 y/o woman I can no longer afford to act out in character defaults and I must get my priorities aligned. just say no to SNOOZE. Great blog and post. Congrats to you and your family.

    • Taneshia
      February 17, 2019 / 5:59 pm

      You just said a whole word. I really had to learn time management because I found myself scrambling to get everywhere, and after while it gets really old and frustrating. I don’t like being the one people have to wait on, or the feeling of tipping in somewhere late. But that snooze button is so real. I’ve gotten a lot better (with the help of my super punctual husband), but I’m still working on it! Thanks for reading, Jenesha!

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