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Interesting Beginnings

Funny story about the beginning stages of this blog. Well it’s actually not so funny because I’m still a little sour about it…

I originally wanted to call this blog, but to my surprise that domain was already registered to someone else. After a quick search on (a domain registration directory), I found that someone named Millie registered it. All of her contact info was listed, so I sent Millie a very polite email. I explained that I took on my husband’s last name when we got married in 2016 and wanted to name my blog as such. The .net version was available, but I would much rather have a .com for various reasons. I asked her to quote me a price if she was interested in selling the .com domain.

[Side note] she has had this domain parked since 2014; surely if she was going to use it, she would have done so by now.

She replied to me saying that she also married a Blackwell in 2016 (what are the odds) and registered the domain with the intent to use it for a future business venture. She thought she had also purchased the .net, .co, .org, and domains (she lives in New Zealand) at the same time. Since was currently in my cart waiting for me to purchase, I knew she was wrong about that. Do you know that five minutes after she sent me that reply she went and purchased the rest of the domains? How dare she?! Why not stick to like everyone else in her country?! I was livid! I instantly sent a furious text to my husband and one of my best friends who totally took my side. I can’t be mad at Millie though. I guess ya snooze, ya lose, right? But why would she buy that domain in 2014 if she wasn’t even married to a Blackwell until 2016? weird

Of course, I googled her for kicks and giggles…meh. was born!

That incident forced me to rethink the identity of my blog (and the logo I had already drafted on notebook paper). It’s super difficult to let go of an idea you’ve already gotten married to (no pun intended), but I had to start over. And that’s ok. Starting over actually boosted my self-love a bit because I began by listing all the words I would use to describe myself to try and combine with Blackwell. In my frustration, I asked myself, “Why couldn’t it have worked out for me to use simply”. *Light bulb* ♥

I’m satisfied with it now. But little Mrs. Millie in New Zealand better hope she has auto-renew because quiet as it’s kept, I set a reminder in my calendar for when her domain ownership expires. 🙂




  1. May 24, 2018 / 4:55 am

    That was funny. I’m glad you didn’t go with the Real Mrs. Blackwell. I’ve seen a lot of that with celebrities. Simply = Blessed God has a plan for you (Jeremiah 29:10). Remember, what Mrs. Millie ate?

  2. Ashley C
    June 5, 2018 / 1:18 am

    I love your name!!

    Millie is selfish…

    • Taneshia
      June 5, 2018 / 2:24 pm

      Thank you! And yes, Millie is selfish, as she still hasn’t done anything with the domain…

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